Asian Talents Ep 29 – April 6, 2023


Wilmer 曾威明於生於德國,長於德國,與保時捷出於同一個城市。他現居於愛爾蘭,醉心推廣心理健康,樂於分享他係 COVID-19 疫情期間,將挑戰轉化為個人成長機會嘅經驗。
疫情家居隔離期間,Wilmer 將精神轉向運動,採用健康嘅飲食方案成功減咗了 10 公斤!不單仲戒埋煙,亦開始發現咗對跑步嘅熱情。 佢於舊年成功完成咗阿姆斯特丹馬拉鬆比賽,證明咗佢對個人成長嘅決心。
Wilmer 擁有計算機科學和經濟學理學學士學位,目前係 New Relic 從事技術銷售工作,New Relic 是一家軟件分析公司,總部位於三藩市,歐洲、中東和非洲地區總部位於都柏林。佢仲經常係技術會議上發表演講,最近一次亮相係亞馬遜主辦嘅旗艦活動上。

Wilmer was born and raised in Germany, in the same city where Porsche comes from. Currently based in Ireland, he is passionate about mental health and will be sharing his experience of turning the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic into an opportunity for personal growth.
During this difficult time, Wilmer turned to sports, adopting a healthy eating regimen that enabled him to lose 10kg, quit smoking, and discover his passion for running. Last year, he completed the Amsterdam Marathon, a testament to his determination and commitment to personal improvement.
Wilmer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Economics and is currently working in technical sales at New Relic, a software analytics firm with headquarters in San Francisco and EMEA headquarters in Dublin. He is also a regular speaker at technology conferences, with his most recent appearance being at the flagship event hosted by Amazon.

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