Asian Talents Ep 28 – 22 March 2023


Nghia Mai began doing Stand Up in Scotland in 2014 and has performed his unique brand of racially-infused humour on numerous stages across the world, entertaining audiences with his colourful stories including the relentless mispronunciation of his name.
In September 2019, he moved to Dublin, Ireland, to pursue further studies at Trinity College and is now immersing himself in the local Irish comedy scene.
In his short time in Ireland, Nghia has already made it to the finals of a number of competitions including the Cherry Comedy Breakout Act of the Year and Dublin’s Next Top Comic. He recently performed at the 2021 Kilkenny Cat Laughs. He is a resident host at Crash & Burn Comedy, a weekly new material night and Comedians Without Borders, a monthly international comedy night.
Nghia Mai 於 2014 年開始玩棟篤笑,後來發展到係世界各地不同多個舞台上表演佢獨特嘅種族系笑話(包括佢自己一個好難攪嘅名)為觀眾帶來歡樂。
只係愛爾蘭短短幾年,Nghia 已經進入了多項比賽嘅決賽,包括 Cherry Comedy Breakout Act of the Year 和 Dublin’s Next Top Comic。佢最近係 2021 年 Kilkenny Cat Laughs上表演。佢亦係每週一次Crash & Burn Comedy 同每月一次嘅 Comedians Without Borders 嘅常駐主持人。
Crash & Burn Comedy
Comedians Without Borders