Asian Talents: EP 26


Steven Baldesco was born in the Philippines but has lived in Ireland for 16 years now. He currently work in a government agency, but his passions have always been politics, art, and history. In 2022, he was a volunteer for the presidential campaign of Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo, leading the voter turnout ops for her among the Filipino community in Ireland. His efforts in the campaign allowed him to participate in the Immigrant Council of Ireland’s Migrant Leadership Academy later that same year

Steven Baldesco 出生於菲律賓,係愛爾蘭生活16 年。佢目前係一家政府機構工作,但佢一直熱衷於政治、藝術和歷史。 2022 年,佢係菲律賓副總統萊尼·羅布雷多 (Leni Robredo) 總統競選活動嘅義工,係愛爾蘭嘅菲律賓社群領導選民投票率行動。佢同年參加愛爾蘭移民領袖學院