Asian Talents – Episode 9


Ep 9 – First TX 30 June 2022

蔡惠雲有7個身分: 媽媽、講師、輔導員、Lego®積木治療導師、【99句教子好句】及【玩出親子情】作者,其中做得最長時間的是言語治療師和遊戲治療師,全部都係同講嘢和玩有關,現在更在都柏林聖三一學院進行PhD研究,專長是兒童情緒健康和自閉症。蔡惠雲的性格有:助人者+完美主義者+領導者,她認為最快樂的事是幫到人。

Stella Choy is a CORU registered Speech and Language Therapist, Play Therapist, and Lego®-based Therapy Facilitator. She has been working with children and families for over 18 years and has received training in Hong Kong, USA, and the UK. Currently, she is passionately devoted to further our understanding of anxiety and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in her PhD research in Trinity College Dublin.

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Asian Talents is a talk programme presented by Alice Chau, that represents the Asian community and featuring Asian people that are contributing to Ireland in their own niche.The programme is bilingual in Cantonese and English.

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