Art Spaces – Part 2. Fire Station Artist’ Studios

Art Spaces is a new six part radio series produced for Near FM. The aim of the series is to promote awareness and an appreciation of the visual arts in Dublin. It does so by examining the rich diversity and innovation in existence in the area, looking specifically at the varied arts establishments.

Each week we examine a different space and discuss its formation. We consider the history, the struggles and challenges of each space. The goals they were established with, and how they have seen these goals through. We talk of plans for the future and speak to the artists in their studios and discuss the contribution made by the establishment, and how it benefits the artists.

We look at the way the spaces nurture the arts, such as encouraging young artists via graduate programmes, as well as establishing strong unique ties within their communities.

The second programme is the Fire Station Artist’ Studios.

This series is funded by the BAI Sound & Vision scheme