A to Z of Historical Blunders: Episode 8

Welcome to the A to Z of Historical Blunders, the show that reminds us about the dangers of history repeating itself.

This week, our dial will oscillate between the Tonkin Gulf incident of 1964, which escalated the Vietnam War, and current relations between the United States and North Korea. The article on which this episode is based can be read here.

My guests this week are Miriam Ryan and David Dunne.

Miriam Ryan is a history graduate of University College Dublin. She was a secondary school history teacher in Dublin for many years. She is horrified that history is no longer compulsory in Irish secondary schools. The result, she believes, will be that the stories of our lives will be lost.

David Dunne has just completed a double honours in Media and History in NUI Maynooth, and plans to do a masters in Critical and Creative Media. He is also a former journalism student of yours truly.

Presented By Berni Dwan

First aired:17/07/2018