A to Z of Historical Blunders: Episode 26

Zero tolerance of printed matter that makes you think

Welcome to the A to Z of Historical Blunders, the show that reminds us about the dangers of history repeating itself.

When you are reminded of some of the mass book burnings that have occurred throughout history, it’s enough to make you weep. Burning books, whether in public square bonfires, or the library building in which they are housed, is a ham fisted and brutally crude way of wiping the slate of history clean and pretending that an event never happened, or that an aspect of culture never existed. This brutish method of eliminating a collective memory, as well as the more controlling practices of banning and censorship, are as disabling to a national psyche as an ignorance of history. They leave people in a vacuum, with no past, a confused understanding of the present, and an inability to predict possible future developments.

The article on which this episode is based can be read here.