A to Z of Historical Blunders: Episode 16

Plantations and Penal Laws leave a shadowy legacy

Welcome to the A to Z of Historical Blunders, the show that reminds us about the dangers of history repeating itself.

Conveniently enough, our last programme, episode O, deliberated, among other things, on how the Flight of the Earls set the scene for the Plantation of Ulster. Of course, the Plantation of Ireland had started back in 1556 when Queen Mary planted Laois and Offaly. The Plantation of Munster followed in 1586 in response to the Desmond Rebellion. But it was the Nine Years War with its most famous Battle of Kinsale and the resultant Flight of the Earls, which prompted King James to start the plantation in 1609 that would irrevocably alter the social fabric of one province in particular; the job would be finished by Oliver Cromwell.

Guests this week are Aoife Nathan & Jimmy O’Connell

The article on which this episode is based can be read here.

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