A terrible Beauty – Fallen

A terrible Beauty is a two part series looking at the 1916 Rising through two books written by women, one fiction and one non-fiction related to the 1916 Rising and also World War 1. The books are Fallen by Lia Mills and Easter Widows by Sinéad McCoole.

One of the themes of the series is the absence of women’s voices from histories and novels around conflict and war.   Through the programmes we will explore the history and experiences of the women during the Rising.

The programme will engage and connect with local North Dublin and Belfast communities through the use of reading groups from the local libraries and recorded workshops with the authors.

Author of Fallen, Lia Mills

Prog 2: The second programme features Fallen by Lia Mills with a cross border educational workshop, with women from Dublin reading groups and women from Belfast reading groups, reading the book.  Lia Mill’s book was chosen as the Dublin: One City, One Book choice for 2016 and for the first time Belfast city ran the same initiative at the same time in their local libraries.  In this programme we have brought both groups together with the writer to create an engaging and original piece of radio.

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