A Fishy Tail of Sound and Fury

Director and radio cast taking a break from recording A Fishy Tale of Sound and Fury: Brendan Laird, Tara Power, Alan O’Brien, Jimmy O’Connell, Niamh Large

Want your Shakespeare battered or filleted? Listen to A Fishy Tail of Sound and Fury, a new radio drama written and produced by Berni Dwan, and directed by Brendan Laird.

What’s on the menu? Food snobbery and copy culture served up with lashings of lovely Shakespeare, infused with socialist ideology, and a palette cleanser, no less, of poetic justice.

A Fishy Tail of Sound and Fury

Written & produced by: Berni Dwan

Directed by: Brendan Laird


Alan O’Brien: Tom / Fishmonger

Tara Power: Customer / Ursula

Jimmy O’Connell: Roving Reporter

Niamh Large: Mrs. Boylan / Matt Damon / Damo Chirpy Chipper / Ray / John Dory / Audio Assistant

Special Sound effects:

Declan McGlade. Assisted by Oisín White


Alannah White / Ysobel Castanada