Enviro – August 29th 2016

Britt & Joe’s first guest is Manna Farm’s Thomas O Connor is based in Kerry (www.transitionkerry.org). Sustainability & photosynthesis is instead of NUKE. He attended the permaculture gathering at the end of August. He is totally against the expansion nuclear power for 2 main reasons: the very long term effects of the waste products and the control of raw materials by a small minority.

He is for photosynthesis (energy from the sun converted into plants and then converted into the energy and foods we need). Transition to a new age of energy production is quite close to his heart.


Britt & Joe’s second guest is Oisin Coghlan from Friends Of The Earth (foe.ie). His current projects include schools and office retrofitting to make them more energy efficient, and therefore reduce their fuel and electricity bills.


Producer/Presenter: Britt Du Fournet

Panellist: Joe Dunne