75 Years on the Go – part 3

All aboard – CIE’s 75 Years on the Go and we’re celebrating!

Episode 3 and the last programme in the ‘75 Years on the Go’ radio series looks at the development of road transport from Tram to Bus. We discover how The Connolly Station Travel Group has benefited a broad spectrum of workers across CIE and their families right up to the present. And hear about a new green future for the Company.

Featuring: Bernard C. Byrne, Ann Burke, John Bowen, Agatha White, Ciaran White and Barry Kenny.

‘CIE 75 Years on the Go’ is supported by the BAI (Broadcasting Authority of Ireland) Sound and Vision scheme through the TV Licence Fee, is produced by Enda M. Roche and is a Pearlman Media Production for Near FM.