(1)Engaging Dementia is a Charity Organisation operating over 30 years. (2)The Sonas Programme continues to be a central part of our work and is currently in 280 care centres across Ireland. (3) Our 15th International Dementia Conference on Thursday 25th May & Friday 26th May.

Myra Gleeson speaks with Kimberley Tully, Chief Executive of “Engaging Dementia” About their upcoming Conference will be the largest Dementia Event in Ireland. 8493090 www.engagingdementia’ie https://twitter.com/EngagingDemlrl https://.facebook.com/engaging.dementia 1st broadcst on 08/05/23

Northside Today: Alan Tuffery

Donie Tarrant is joined by regular contributor Alan Tuffery explore the morality of institutions. Institutions’ main concerns are survival and profits. What does it mean for wider Society? What are the responsibilities of the executives to society? Is there a better way…