19 Respect Words A Young Voice against Racism

Donie Tarrant travels to Drogheda to meet Joella Dhlamini, a 16 years old South African who had the opportunity to spend a full day with Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varackar on November 2017.   Joella was chosen by UNICEF to represent the views of the children of Ireland after she entered a competition to describe the one change for children she would like to see. Donie and Joella discuss the differences between Soweto’s and Ireland’s education system, schemes or actions towards integration in Irish schools and the bigotry and harassment she has personally experienced.

More on the project:

Amid a troubling global context – the dehumanisation of migration policy, a decline in sensitive to human life and human rights, a rise in Islamophobic and xenophobic speech, the commercialisation of journalism – more than 150 European radio outlets and nearly 1,300 journalists from the eight RESPECT WORDS partner countries  represented by IPI (Austria), Radio Dreyeckland (Germany), ERT (Greece), Civil Radio (Hungary), Near FM (Ireland), Radio Popolare (Italy), Radio Student (Slovenia) and the project coordinator EMARTv (Spain) have joined together to help strengthen media coverage of migrants and minorities, an indispensable tool in the fight against hate speech.

Under the theme “Ethical Journalism against Hate Speech”, the RESPECT WORDS project focuses on the need to rethink the way in which media outlets and journalists cover issues related to migration and ethnic and religious minorities. As part of the project, each partner is producing a series of 20 programmes exploring how media deals with migration and minorities in each partner country.