Near FM’s airs The Zapatista Podcast

Near FM will be airing from Monday 16th of August to Friday 20th of August (11.00 am) the series ‘The Zapatista Podcast – Lessons and Stories from Chiapas’. This is an educational and culturally immersive audio series that delves into the Zapatista movement from the early days of the uprising until the present day with news of their much anticipated European tour this year.

Over this podcast series by the Galway Feminist Collective and Promedios Mexico, you’ll learn about who the Zapatistas are, their history of struggles and the lessons that we can learn from them, as well as songs and stories from within the movement, bringing each episode to life.

The release of this podcast coincides with the Zapatistas’ first visit to Europe and aims at giving folks in Ireland an insight into the Zapatistas through interviews with some of those who have worked closely with the movement on topics such as community media, womxn’s organising, agriculture, education and autonomy, retracing some of the steps that their struggle has taken on its long and steady road to autonomy.

Throughout this series, we will highlight their learnings, and obstacles, but above all their creativity and determination to make otherworlds a reality.

The list of the episodes are as follows with the different contributors:

  • Monday 16th August, 11.00 am: Autonomy – host: Nancy Serrano, guest: Alejandro Reyes
  • Tuesday 17th August, 11.00 am Zapatista Womxn’s Movement – host: Nancy Serrano, guest: Rosa Luz Perez
  • Wednesday 18th August, 11.00 am Food Autonomy – host: Nancy Serrano, guest: Rita valencia 
  • Thursday 19th August, 11.00 am Education – host: Nancy Serrano, guest: Peter Brown ‘Pedro Cafe’
  • Friday 20th August, 11.00 am Community Media – host: Nancy Serrano, guest: Anna Hernandez, Mario Najera