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  • Ethical Media for Active Citizenship – The EMAC project

    Ethical Media for Active Citizenship – The EMAC project

    The proliferation of mass media and new technologies has brought about decisive changes in and challenges to human communication processes and behaviour. The change in the media landscape has also impacted the role and social, professional and ethical responsibilities of journalists. These changes in the role that media plays in the life of citizens has highlighted the importance of responsible media reporting. Media communicators and audiences now face the task to separate facts from fiction in media texts. However, it […]

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  • Communicating Europe 2015

    Communicating Europe 2015

    As part of the Communicating Europe initiative, Near FM will hold a live panel discussion from Coolock Library on Wed May 13th @ 2pm. The facilitated discussion will feature a Q&A from an audience made up of young people and students and will centre on topics such as The Value of the EU in our lives, and employment opportunities for young people. The discussion will be facilitated by Declan Ralph who presents The Week in Review every Saturday @ 12.30pm […]

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