Perceptions 25/03/14

Listen back to the fifth episode of Rhona Coughlan’s, Perceptions. 

Litter Statistics

Conor Horgan of Irish Business Against Litter talks to Noel McGuinness about the recently released statistics on litter and how local authorities must continue to seek improvements.

Festive Fun Day Clarehall Shopping Centre

Saturday December 7th 2013, Near FM were Live from Clarehall Shopping Centre
for their Festive Fun Day. It was also a day to launch the centres partnership
with Near Media Co-op and other Community groups including O’Tooles
GAA and St Pauls Parish, Ayrfield branch of ST Vincent De Paul.

Noel Mc Guinness presented the 1 hour special from the Near FM studio and
Amanda Ní Ghabhann was on location in Clarehall chatting to a number
of guests.

Near Media Co-op would like to thank all of the guests who were
interviewed on the day, and Clarehall SC for having us at the event.

Jack Byrne – Near Media Co-Op co-founder
Maria Comiskey – Clarehall Shopping Centre Manager
Austin Dunne – O’Tooles GAA Juvenile section
Adam Dunne – O’Tooles GAA Junior Player
Breda – St Pauls Parish Ayrfield SVP Branch

Gilt Groupe – Infrastructure Engineering VP Roland Tritsch.

In this interview Eoin Drinan talks with Roland Tritsch VP Infrastructure Engineering,Gilt Groupe (One of the worlds largest e-commerce websites).
Roland highlights the origins of “Gilt from a small NYC-based start-up into a thriving company with more than 1,000 employees working in locations across the U.S., Ireland and Japan”.

Roland highlights the recent job announcement at this years Dublin Web Summit,training opportunities and mentoring within Gilt,plus Free tech classes
including meetups and other public events across Dublin.

Roland discusses Gilts diverse team that includes “engineers,product and program managers, UX designers, database administrators, analysts,
and many other technologists” including the type of programs their engineers use e.g”Objective-C, PostgreSQL, Kafka, Solr/Lucene, Jenkins, CoffeeScript, MongoDB, Java, Ruby, and many other technologies” at Gilt.

We discuss the technological demands of the industry and what may be required in the future by investing in education today.

Roland Tritsch is Gilt’s VP Infrastructure Engineering and has more than 20 years of industry experience in various technical leadership roles,with an emphasis on writing Scala code.

More information is available on

Presented & Produced by Eoin Drinan.

(First Broadcast –28th November 2013).

European Code Week 2013 with Irish Ambassador Julie Cullen.

In this interview with Irish Ambassador Julie Cullen for European Code Week 2013 highlights the many exciting events taking place across Ireland and Europe.

We discuss the many programming workshops organised, including the successful Coder Dojo hosted at Microsoft Dublin.
To add to the ever popularity of coding;Julie refers to “Mary,a six year old girl” who started coding at the Microsoft meet up.
We discuss the role that teachers are playing in nurturing code in schools as well as the benefits of learning a set of new digital skills.

Europe Code Week is providing additional opportunities for both young and old alike to learn code,up skill their Cv’s and play a vital part in the education revolution.

European Code Week is exciting addition to an ever growing calender of technology events in Ireland.

For further information on European Code Week,please visit www.codeweek.eu
Europe Code Week runs from November 25 – 30, 2013.

Presented & Produced by Eoin Drinan.

(First Broadcast –28th November 2013).

The Great Animal Orchestra:Finding the Origins of Music in the World’s Wild Places.Author Dr Bernie Krause.

In this interview Eoin Drinan talks with Dr Bernie Krause author of”The Great Animal Orchestra:Finding the Origins of Music in the World’s Wild Places”.

As one of the world’s leading experts in natural sound,Dr Krause tells us about his early musical career in US Folk band “The Weavers” with Pete Seeger, to his beginnings in natural recording leading to his exploration of the world’s wildest places for most of his life.

Bernie introduces us to Anthrophony:(sound generated by humans),Geophony:(Earth sounds) and Biophony:(sound generated by non-human, non-domestic biological).
Bernie highlights the layers of sounds that surround us from invisible viruses to humpback whales to cracking glaciers, to packs of wolfs on a midnight tundra.
Having recording everywhere from the Amazon rain forest to Africa’s Virunga Mountains,we learn that Bernie has yet to record here in Ireland.

Bernie stresses that “The Great Animal Orchestra” is not only the story of one man’s pursuit of natural music,conservation and education but a warning for future generations of sounds that we may lose forever.

Dr Bernie Krause is an author, musician and naturalist. He has traveled the world recording the sounds of creatures and environments in some of the remotest parts of the world.
Having provided sound background for the Films “Rosemary’s Baby,Apocalypse Now and Cult film Performance,as well as having worked with Sir George Martin,George Harrison ,Mick Jagger and as recent with Icelandic musician Björk.

More information on Bernie Krause work is available here.

Presented & Produced by Eoin Drinan.
(Broadcast – 6th September 2013).

Week in Review – Aisling Twomey

Aisling Twomey, Information Coordinator for Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre talks to Flavia Mosca Goretta about the Irish Traveller community and the Roma community, as part of the special programme about the Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism on November 9th, 2013.

Prof Mike Clarke – Cochrane Collaboration,Evidence Aid & Queens University Belfast.


In this interview Eoin Drinan talks with Prof Mike Clarke of Queens University Belfast about All Ireland Research Trials Methodology Hub,Cochrane Collaboration & Data transparency.

Professor Mike Clarke discusses his role as Director of the All-Ireland Hub for Trials Methodology Research at Queens University, Belfast, inc his long standing contribution as a Cochrane contributor and his work as Director of Evidence Aid.

We discuss clinical trials,data transparency inc his outstanding work at evidenceaid.org

As founder of Evidence Aid,Mike seeks to make it easier for people and organisations to plan for and respond to natural disasters and other humanitarian emergencies around the globe.

Mike has worked on dozens of systematic reviews and some of the largest randomised trials in areas as varied a maternity care, breast cancer and strokes.

More information is available on



Presented & Produced by Eoin Drinan.

(First Broadcast – 5th September 2013).

Soundings: A Contemporary Score – The Museum of Modern Art,New York,NY

Soundings: A Contemporary Score,
August 10, 2013 – November 03, 2013

In this interview Eoin Drinan talks with Barbara London Associate Curator of The Museum of Modern Art,New York,NY.

Barbara discusses Soundings:A Contempoarary Score the first group exhibition at MoMA to single out sound as a form of artistic expression, and one of the first of its kind in New York.

Barbara discusses with Eoin that the experience of sound is becoming increasingly private through the increased use of earbuds and headphones.
Soundings explores how and what we hear,and how we interpret sound inc the challenges of staging such an event.

Featuring the work of 16 contemporary artists working with sound, from the United States, Uruguay, Norway, Denmark, Australia and Japan.

Soundings explores how sound within a gallery inc a range of field recordings as diverse as bats to abandoned buildings in Chernobyl to 59 bells in New York City to a factory in Taiwan.

Some of the featured artists in the exhibition inc Camille Norment (American, b. 1970),Richard Garet (Uruguayan, b. 1972), Jana Winderen (Norwegian, b. 1965),
Jacob Kirkegaard (Danish, b. 1975), Marco Fusinato (Australian, b. 1964), Toshiya Tsunoda (Japanese, b. 1964) and Hong-Kai Wang (Taiwanese, b. 1971

The exhibition Soundings: A Contemporary Score runs until November 3rd 2013 at The Museum of Modern Art New York.

More information including a interactive website is available here.


Presented, Produced by Eoin Drinan.

(First Broadcast 19th September 2013)

Babel Atha Cliath – Programme 1

bac podcast image


Babel Átha Cliath is a three part series funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

Dublin has been a city with a multilingual population for many years, medieval Dublin was already a city where several languages coexisted, the Vikings spoke Old Norse, Latin would have been present (monks) and also Irish, Norman and Anglo-Saxon (Old English) were spoken. But it has not been until the 1990’s, when Ireland became a net receiver of immigration, that Ireland’s capital city became a true multilingual metropolis with a huge number of languages from all over the world spoken in Dublin every day.

In this new 3 part series, Babel Atha Cliath, we touch on the history and remnants of the older languages that were once spoken in Dublin, such as Fingalian, Norman French, Cant, middle English, Leinster Irish and this examination will place emphasis on the way we use English today and the preservation of local accents, sayings and the idiosyncrasies of “Northside Dublinese”. We will also meet native speakers of Spanish, Mandarin, Polish, Arabic, German, Lugandan & Irish.

Programme one takes the form of a round table discussion to look at the complex history of languages spoken in Dublin and looking at languages spoken up to the present day. The contributors are DCU Professor Dr. Michael Cronin, Gaelscoil Beara teacher Dr. Aodh ó Máirtín, Primary school principal Dr Deirdre Kirwan & Mary Ryan, former assistant principal in Castleknock Community College.


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