Enviro – 23rd July 2018

On this edition of Enviro:

We have in studio Trina O’Connor, Criminologist, Convener with NICCC & board member on PIB. and
Valerie Traynor local resident Artane, facing McAuley Park. Tina is general manager of the North Centre City Communiity Action Project located in 9-11 Lower Buckingham Street Dublin 1. www.ncccap.ie.

John and the Panel discussed McAuley Park & Proposal to fell tress. We discussed why it is important to protect these trees and the residential campaign that has developed t safeguard them. Valerie Traynor has a particular affinity with trees and feels very deeply at the very thought of damaging them. She is a self-confessed  ‘Tree hugger’

  • Greening Strategy in NEIC (North East Inner City)
  • The work of PIB i.e the  Programme Implementation Board
  • Tree line project in Liberty Park (James Joyce quoted Ulysses )
  • Tina referred to the New York / highline project, the
    GAA – in Inner City Dublin – Women in the GAA

We also talked about the extensive derelilction in the NEIC the North East Inner City and the lack of trees and other green elements visible in the public domain. Tina referred to some projects being implemented for example the Aldborough House & Rutland Street school refurbishment projects.

John, Tina, Joe Dunne and Valerie Traynor had a wide ranging discussion on the issues arising.



Presenter John Haughton

Panellist Joe Dunne

Participating Guests; Tina O’Connor and Valerie Traynor

Other guests, Italian students Valeria, Valentina, Marco and Leonardo.

first aired 23/07/2018