The Arts Show: Maura Walsh chats to Rodolphe Coré ahead of his exhibition on 12th December 2017 at The MART Gallery & Studios, 65 Crumlin Road, Drimnagh, Dublin 12

Rodolphe is a Dublin based French artist and sculptor. His work is on a panel theme of time and nature, ‘a kind of signature, speaking about the passing of time and the slow, inexorable and beautiful erosion of everything, an acceptance of destiny of what is and has to be’.
Rodolphé speaks about preferring ‘the little things’ and ‘sensing’ the emotional beauty of the world around him. The exhibition is an “imaginary conversation between the artist and his public”.
Rodolphe graduated from one of the top schools in Paris and has exhibited both here and in France. He fell in love with Ireland, its culture and people over 20 years ago when he first came here on a trip with his mum. He has many interests including art history and likes to compare what is happening in the art world between here and overseas.
He describes the gallery as “the official heart…and invites you to a kind of contemplation of wisdom….something calm and pleasant for both eyes and mind”.