Enviro – 8th May 2017

The program started with an unusual version of George Harrison’s ‘Here Comes the Sun’ by the Voodoo Glow Skulls. This was followed by two French intern students Cindy and Nassima explaining their take on the environment why they came to Ireland to work their internship with Forest Friends.

They are concerned about the way the environment will be for future generations judging by the rate of damage that is happening. Their experience of Irish people is very positive and they have found Irish people very friendly. The accommodation they had booked through an Italian agent proved to be a scam which meant that they were seriously out of pocket. In the situation Irish people were extremely helpful and from a situation where they were going to go home they decided to stay and reorganized their accommodation. They have found the weather very cold and notice considerable litter spots. This was a special occasion for the students and their families and friends were listening in on the live stream. They sent good wishes to them.

John gave details of the events which Forest Friends are organizing for National Biodiversity Week as follows:

  • Saturday 20th May: “Worlds Apart” a walk and study of the biodiversity of Clonliffe Road and Ballybough.
  • Sunday 21st. May 2017: Croke Park-estimating the ecological footprint of Croke Park National stadium – a conducted walk.
  • Tuesday 23rd May: Building Biodiversity in a barren landscape-at the Arts and Business Campus 40 Lr. Drumcondra Rd.
  • Friday 26th May 11.00-16.00: Experience Inner city biodiversity garden project. NOTE: All events depart from Smallchanges
  • Wholefoods Store 40 Lower Drumcondra Road at 11. A. M. with the exception of the Friday 26th May event which commences at the Inner city biodiversity garden located at the rear of 400 North Circular Road, commencing also at 11am.

ENQUIRIES: forestfriends.ie@gmail.com or 0852536650. Full details can be found on www.forestfriends.ie or www.facebook.com/forestfriendsireland.

After the break we played Jim Reid’s cover version of the Beatles number ‘And Your Bird can Sing’.

This was followed by brief discussions with panellist Joe Dunne of the following:

  1. Climate change has cost Ireland €2.984bn. According to the European Environment Agency. It has been claimed that up to 350 million people will face deadly heat waves even if climate targets are hit.
  2. The approval of Saudi Arabia to hold down a place on UN women’s rights committee and Ireland’s apparent support in that regard.
  3. The potential for Solar energy in Ireland –report prepared for the SEAI (The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) points out the there are opportunities to develop aspects of solar energy in Ireland and the cost solar has reduced by 80% since 2009.
  4. Dow-DuPont merger wins conditional EU approval. Environmental campaigners call for a block on the merger.
  5. EU to decide on whether to renew licence for the use of glyph sate by the end of 2017. A cross party group of MEPs including Nessa Childers are leading the campaign to ban its use in the EU on the basis of research which claims that it is carcinogenic.

The program finiished with Prince singing ‘Purple Rain’ from a CD of the same name.


Presenter: John Haughton

Panellist: Joe Dunne

Student guests: Cindy Olifertchouk, Nassima Hittouche