Kate Ruddock from Friends of the Earth

Noel McGuinness talks to Kate Ruddock from Friends of the Earth about Fracking. They discuss what Fracking actually is, the damage it does to the environment and if it is being carried out in Ireland.
You can get more information about Friends of the Earth here,http://www.foe.ie/index/
You can get more information about fracking here,

David Moore, Chairman of Astronomy Ireland

David Moore talks about all things Astronomy with Noel McGuinness. They discuss the increasing probabilities of finding life on other planets in the universe.Noel and David also talk about the exciting events Astronomy Ireland are planning and hosting for the rest of the year. More information is available on the Astronomy Ireland website here, http://www.astronomy.ie/

Valerie Bourke, President, Trackside Lawn Tennis Club, Baldoyle

Valerie Bourke talks to Noel McGuinness about Trackside Lawn Tennis Clubs Open Day taking place on Sunday April 27th from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm. More information is available here,

Nessa Childers Independent MEP

Noel McGuinness chats with Nessa Childers MEP about her campaign to be re-elected in the upcoming European Elections. Nessa also talks about her career in Europe to date and how the European Parliament operates, her life,ambitions and hopes for the future.You can get more information about Nessa and her campaign here, http://nessachilders.ie/

People in Debt due to Electricity and Gas Bills

Eoin Clarke of uSwitch talks to Noel McGuinness on Northside Today about the high number of people forced to go into debt in order to pay their essential household bills.

Water Safety Reminders for the Easter Weekend

Karl Smith, the Dublin P.R.O. for Irish Water Safety talks to Noel McGuinness on Northside Today reminding everyone about keeping safe on and near water over the Easter holiday weekend.

Award Winning Play “Pondling” at axis: Ballymun next week

“Pondling” is an award-winning play written and performed by Genevieve Hulme-Beaman.  She talks to Noel McGuinness on Northside Today about the play and about winning the Best Female Performer at the 2013 Dublin Fringe Festival and more recently the Stewart Parker Award.  The play will be at axis: Ballymun on 24th and 25th April.

A Terrible Beauty – This Easter Monday on TG 4

Interview about the docudrama “A Terrible Beauty” – facing the Easter Rising of 1916 in a new way. Guests: Keith Farrell (director of the film) and Colin ( playing Frank Shouldice in the film )

The film goes out on TG4 at 9.30pm this coming Easter Monday the 21st of April 2014

For more information see the website: http://tilefilms.ie/productions/a-terrible-beauty/

Perceptions 15/04/14

Listen back to this week’s episode of Perceptions

Europe On Air Episode 7

Listen back to this week’s episode of Europe On Air – The Asylum Process

Presented by: Bronwen Maher

Guests: David Leonard, Barrister and expert in asylum law

Killian Forde, CEO, The Intergration Centre

“Vanessa”, a person who is currently in the asylum process


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