Gluten Free Market

Aileen Markey, Chairperson of the Coeliac Society of Ireland, talks to Karl Fenlon about restaurants who are missing out on a huge market by not having a broader option of food on the menus for people who need a gluten free diet.


Debbie McMahon talks to Gemma Kane about her play entitled “48” which she was inspired to write due to stories her father told her about the fateful night in The Stardust which claimed the lives of 48 young people.

Feel Good with Pieta

Liam Nolan talks to Joe Burke, who is the Fundraising Executive with Pieta House about their “Feel Good with Pieta” campaign. As well as some of the other events Pieta do throughout the year like “Darkness into Light”.

Escape Your Chair

Karl Fenlon speaks to Tara Curran from the IHF (Irish Heart Foundation), about their “Escape Your Chair” campaign taking place all of this month. As well as Hero Heart 5K taking place on the 28th of September.


Liam Nolan has a chat with Jenny Fennesy about a play she and her husband star in entitled; “Lovesong”. She explains what the play is about, the dates it is showing and how people can purchase tickets to attend.